Men’s Spring Weekend 109 February 28 - March 3, 2019









TEAM COORDINATOR:     Paul Eilerman        ASSISTANT COORDINATOR:     Vince Lonnemann

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:     Fr. Matt Cushing   and   Deacon Bob Stoeckle


Ampfer, Matt
Greenwell, Gerry
Haacke, Chris
Haacke, Zac
Jump, Ken
Rawe, Randy
Schafer, Mike
Schroder, Ted
Scott, Steve
Stamm, Ron
Teller, Roger
Wehrman, Barry
Wehrman, Eric
Wellbrock, Steve
Zembrodt, Brandon

Candidates, Parish, Sponsor(s)
Weekend Schedule

THURSDAY    March 1, 2018
8:30pm                    History                    Duane Froelicher

FRIDAY         March 2, 2018
9:00am                     Ideal                    Dan Funke
10:00am                   Habitual Grace        Fr. Mike Comer
1:30pm                     Laity                    Greg Egbers
2:45pm                     Actual Grace           Fr. Rick Bolte
4:15pm                     Piety                    Don Lehmkuhl

SATURDAY   March 3, 2018
8:30am                    Study                    Wayne Lashua
9:40am                    Sacraments I            Fr. Michael Comer
12:45pm                   Sacraments II           Fr. Michael Comer
2:45pm                    Action                    Gerry Greenwell
3:45pm                    Obstacles to Grace            Fr. Rick Bolte
5pm                    Leaders                    Chris Haacke

SUNDAY       March 4, 2018
8:45am                    Study of the Environment        Brian Dunham
10:00am                   Life in Grace                Fr. Rick Bolte
11:15am                   Christianity in Action            Mark Deis
1:00pm                    Cursillista Beyond Cursillo      Eric Spelling
2:00pm                    Total Security Dan Fagel

Know Yourself: Brian Bamberger       Prodigal Son:   Tim Boyle        3 Glances of Christ: Brian Zekl     Figure of Christ: Tony Eilerman
Message Of Christ To The Cursillista: Duane Froelicher

Breakfast        7:30am            7:30am        7:30am
Lunch        12:00pm        12:00am    12:00pm
Dinner        5:30pm            6:00pm

SEND PALANCA TO:    Dale Brockman @
10404 Big Bone Rd., Union, KY 41091
RECEPTION:        Thursday night March 1 @ 7PM in St. Anne Dining Room
SPONSOR SERVICE:        Thursday night March 1 @ 8PM in St. Anne Chapel
HOLY HOUR:        Saturday night March 3 @ 7PM in St. Anne Chapel
CLOSING CEREMONY:    Sunday afternoon March 4 @ 4PM in St. Anne Chapel

Palanca Sign up..........Palanca Chapel Visit and 72 Hour Prayer Vigil