Men’s Spring Weekend 111 March 5 - 8, 2020









TEAM COORDINATOR:     Barry Wehrman        ASSISTANT COORDINATOR:     Vince Lonnemann

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:      Fr. Bob Rottgers       Deacon Hudson Henry


John Allen
Tim Beck
Tony Bonomini
Tim Carris
Dan Fagel
Chris Hacke
Mike Maggio
Tom Myers
Dan Pikar
Mike Schafer
John Stegman
Eric Wehrman
Steve Wellbrock
Brandon Zembrodt
Rich Zimmer


Candidates, Parish, Sponsor(s)

Philip Asche,  St. Rose,  Michael Maggio
Donald Michael LaRosa,  Holy Family,  Michael Maggio
Tom Wagner,  St. Joseph, Crescent Springs,  Jean Macke
Fred Macke, Jr.,  St. Thomas,  Michael Maggio
Chris Bayless,  St. Joseph, Crescent Springs,  Rafael Torres
Chris Dupont,                                 ,  Michael Maggio
Bill Wiebe, St. Gertrude,   Michael Maggio
Fr. Benton Clift,  Blessed Sacrament,  Dan Pikar
Kevin Stanton,  St. Mary’s,  Zach Haacke
Terry Foster,  Holy Cross,  Sally Zeck
Randy Becker, St.. Mary’s,  Tricia Becker
Michael Gelfgot,                             ,  Michael Maggio
John Spence,                             , Michael Maggio
Bob Arlinghaus,  Blessed Sacrament,  Dan Fagel
Mike Daugherty, St. Joseph, Crescent Springs,  Jon Voet
John Carnes,  St. Pius,  Tom Ruberg
Raymond Beatsch,  St. Therese,  Deacon Bill Theis / Mark Messmer
Laszlo Pavel,  St. Mary’s,  Tim Carris
Shawn Black, IHM, Roger Bockweg
Chirs Freihofer, IHM, Barry Bungenstock
Frank Reusing, St. Therese, Fred Espenscheid / Mark Messmer
Fred Meccia, St. Paul, Valparaiso, IN, Michael Maggio
Robert Cloar, St. Cecelia, Barry Wehrman
Anthony Bonomini, St. Catherine, Michael Maggio, Tony Bonomini


Weekend Schedule





March 5-8, 2020

TEAM COORDINATOR:     Barry Wehrman                   


SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:     Fr. Bob Rottgers,     Deacon Hudson Henry


John Allen                                   Chris Haacke                              John Stegman
Tim Beck                                     Mike Maggio                                Eric Wehrman
Tony Bonomini                          Tom Myers                                   Steve Wellbrock
Tim Carris                                   Dan Pikar                                     Brandon Zembrodt
Dan Fagel                                   Mike Schafer                                Rich Zimmer

THURSDAY    March 5, 2020

8:15pm                                                                         History                                                                 Tim Carris

FRIDAY        March 6, 2020                                  

9:10am                                                                         Ideal                                                                      Tim Beck
10:20am                                                                       Habitual Grace                                                 Fr. Bob Rottgers
11:15pm                                                                       Laity                                                                      Dan Pikar
12:45pm                                                                       Actual Grace                                                      Fr. Bob Rottgers
3:00pm                                                                         Piety                                                                      Mike Schafer

SATURDAY March 7, 2020
8:30am                                                                         Study                                                                    Eric Wehrman
9:45am                                                                         Sacraments I                                                      Deacon Hudson Henry
11:00am                                                                       Sacraments II                                                     Deacon Hudson Henry
1:00pm                                                                         Action                                                                   Steve Wellbrock
3:00pm                                                                         Obstacles to Grace                                          Fr. Bob Rottgers
3:50pm                                                                         Leaders                                                                Chris Haacke

SUNDAY    March 8, 2020

8:15am                                                                         Study of the Environment                             Mike Maggio
10:30am                                                                       Life in Grace                                                   Fr. Bob Rottgers
11:00am                                                                       Christianity in Action                                     Rich Zimmer
11:30am                                                                       Cursillista Beyond Cursillo                           Tom Myers
1:30pm                                                                         Total Security                                                  Dan Fagel                                            


Know Yourself: Brandon Zembrodt       Prodigal Son:   Hudson Henry     3 Glances of Christ: John Allen   Figure of Christ: Tony Bonomini      

Message Of Christ To The Cursillista: John Stegman


MEALS                          FRIDAY                                 SATURDAY          SUNDAY
Breakfast                    7:30am                                 7:30am                 7:30am
Lunch                            12:00pm                               12:00pm               12:00pm
Dinner                          5:30pm                                 6:00pm                                

SEND PALANCA TO:                 Vince Lonnemann (

809 Flourney Court, Crescent Springs, KY 41017

RECEPTION:                                Thursday night March 5 @ 7PM in St. Anne Dining Room

SPONSOR SERVICE:                 Thursday night March 5 @ 8PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel

HOLY HOUR:                              Saturday night March 7 @ 6PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel

CLOSING CEREMONY:            Sunday afternoon March 8 @ 3PM in St. Anne Chapel

Palanca Sign up..........Palanca Chapel Visit and 72 Hour Prayer Vigil