Women's Fall Cursillo #114 November 3 - 6, 2022









Weekend CoordinatorMonica Lonnemann          Asst. Coordinator:   Diane Enzweiler

Spiritual Coordinators: Fr Bob Rottgers,  Deacon Hudson Henry

Team Members:

  Name   Parish
  Barlage, Carrie   St Pius
  Bockweg, Lisa   IHM
  Boelscher, Barb   IHM
  Code,  Maria   St Mary’s
  Edgington, Angie   St Pius
  Guth, Tina   St Catherine
  Kiely, Katie   St Joes Crescent Springs
  Kissel, Patty   St Pius
  Kroness, Maureen   St Pius
  McGhee, Marianne   St Joes Crescent Springs
  Noll, Connie   St Joes Crescent Springs
  Noll, Sharon   St JoesCrescent Springs
  Pikar, Teresa   Holy Cross  
  Rudnick, Kathy   St Joes Cold Springs
  Ruehl, Clare   Blessed Sacrament

Candidates, Parish, Sponsor(s)
1 Becker, Julane St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Nancy Metzger
2 Bilz, Brooke St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Jennifer Zumbiel
3 Briede, Meredith St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Shelly Voet
4 Byrne, Catherine Cathedral Connie Noll
5 Coakley, Johnna St. Mary’s, Cinti. Kathy Rudnick
6 Coats, Victoria All Saints Lois McHenry
7 Fink, Kathleen St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Shelly Voet
8 Hoffman, Katie Holy Cross Rachel Noll
9 Koch, Gina Mother of God Bob Leen
10 Kopp, Rita MQH Mona McCammon
11 Kreidler, Stacy St. Barbara Rose Kreidler
12 Kreiling, Mara St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Shelly Voet
13 Middleton, Janet St. Pius John Middleton
14 Moellinger, Katie St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Rhonda Stegman
15 Reed, Cathy St. Augustine Margie Hargett
16 Riddell, Terri St. Joe’s, Crescent Sprgs Donna Allen
17 Ruthsatz, Jessica St. Pius Carrie Barlage
18 Schoettle, Beth Blessed Sacrament Meridee Comfort
19 Schroeder, Jamie St. Pius Teresa Pikar
20 Singer, Deanna Holy Cross Teresa Pikar
21 Van Stone, Linda All Saints Ross McHenry
22 Vieth, Beth Cathedral Rachel Noll
23 Wurtz, Lynn MQH Jerome Wurtz


Weekend Schedule

THURSDAY     November 3, 2022

8:30pm                                                     Preliminary Rollo                                                          Monica Lonnemann

FRIDAY          November 4, 2022                                       
9:15am                                                     Ideal                                                                                 Kathy Rudnick
10:15am                                                   Habitual Grace                                                              Fr. Bob Rottgers
12:45pm                                                   Laity                                                                                 Patty Kissel
1:45pm                                                     Actual Grace                                                                  Fr. Bob Rottgers
3:45pm                                                     Piety                                                                                 Teresa Pikar

SATURDAY   November 5, 2022
8:30am                                                     Study                                                                               Barb Boelscher
9:30am                                                     Sacraments I                                                                  Deacon Hudson Henry
12:45am                                                   Sacraments II                                                                 Deacon Hudson Henry
2:00pm                                                     Action                                                                              Marianne McGhee
4:00pm                                                     Obstacles to Grace                                                       Fr. Bob Rottgers
5:00pm                                                     Leaders                                                                           Maria Code

SUNDAY       November 6, 2022
8:20am                                                     Study of the Environment                                          Carrie Barlage
9:10am                                                     Life in Grace                                                                   Fr. Bob Rottgers
10:30am                                                   Christianity in Action                                                   Katie Kiely
11:20am                                                   Cursillista Beyond Cursillo                                          Clare Ruehl
1:05pm                                                     Total Security                                                                 Diane Enzweiler


Know Yourself: Tina Guth        Prodigal Son:  Dcn. Henry       Bankruptcy Story: Angie Edgington      3 Glances of Christ: Connie Noll
Professor Cook Story: Angie Edgington       Figure of Christ: Sharon Noll     Message Of Christ To The Cursillista: Tina Guth


MEALS                         FRIDAY                                SATURDAY          SUNDAY
Breakfast                   7:30am                               7:30am                7:30am
Lunch                          12:00pm                             12:00pm              12:00pm
Dinner                         5:30pm                               5:45pm   


SEND PALANCA TO:               
Diane Enzweiler (d.enzweiler@zoomtown.com)
2182 Tantallon Dr., Ft. Mitchell, KY  41017

RECEPTION:                               Thursday night November 3 @ 7PM in St. Anne Dining Room
SPONSOR SERVICE:                Thursday night November 3 @ 8PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel
HOLY HOUR:                              Saturday night November 5 @ 7PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel
CLOSING CEREMONY:            Sunday afternoon November 6 @ 3PM in St. Anne Chapel

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