• Understand the goal of the Cursillo Movement and their responsibility as sponsors by reading the Sponsor’s Booklet.
  • Know that potential candidates fall into three categories 1) those who ought to go,  2) those who can go and  3) those who cannot or should not go.
  • Know the candidate as well as possible and pray for direction from the Holy Spirit. Remember to speak to God about others before speaking to others about God.
  • Know information about the candidate. Information like marital status, number of children, parish that the candidate attends, specific environments that the candidate is immersed in. In addition, the candidate must be a baptized, practicing Catholic who is able to participate in the Sacraments of Church; should be able to make decisions as an individual and should be open to participate in Post Cursillo programs. There is one more thing that a sponsor should do before the Cursillo weekend. Make sure that the candidate has read the booklet entitled The Cursillo Movement – What Is It?

The PreCursillo/Sponsorship is probably the least understood part of the Cursillo method, yet in terms of evangelizing environments, it is the most important element of the method. It can be said that our Post Cursillo will only be as good as PreCursillo.


Below is a simple, general process to follow for sponsoring a candidate in Cursillo.


READ AND UNDERSTAND “THE CURSILLO MOVEMENT’S SPONSOR’S  BOOKLET. You can obtain a copy by contacting a member of the Secretariat, See the website for (Secretariat contacts)  Pray!

About a prospective candidate, talk to your friend about Cursillo and give them a copy of the introduction to Cursillo to read. Follow up to discuss the introduction sheet and gauge interest.


If you decide to proceed, obtain a copy of “The Cursillo Movement – What Is It”?  Booklet from a member of the Secretariat. Read the booklet, give it to your friend, and tell them to read it. Follow up with your friend to discuss the booklet and answer any questions.


NOW invite them to attend a Cursillo weekend.  If they say yes, obtain an application by clicking below: Click here for: ===> Candidate Application and Sponsor Form from Pre-Cursillo and give it to your friend. Tell them to fill out the application completely and return it to you with their deposit. Submit their application and deposit along with your completed sponsor form to:

Covington Cursillo Movement, c/o Jean Cate,  57 Southview,  Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

This completes the initial step for sponsorship, but not the sponsor’s responsibility. The responsibility of a sponsor is much more than just delivering their candidates to the doors of the Cursillo center.  Sponsors should discuss the weekend with their candidates and assure them that they may ask any questions and will be told anything they want to know about the weekend.  Sponsors also need to provide support and prayer for their candidate during the Cursillo weekend and, most importantly, nurture their friendship throughout the new Cursillista’s Fourth Day.