Men’s Spring Weekend #115 March 2 - 5, 2023










SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:            Msgr Dan Vogelpohl & Deacon Mike Keller


Don Lehmkuhl
Terry Mason
Charlie Bunton
Paul Gottbrath
Nathan Zembrodt
Brian Dunham
Ron Bertsch
Ed Meyer
Tony Weibel
Stan Heck
Randy Rawe
Michael Portwood
John Zurborg
Paul Carl
J.J. Wurtz
Thomas Lueke
Mike Kaelin

Candidates, Parish, Sponsor(s)


Weekend Schedule

 THURSDAY    March, 2023                                     
 8:15 pm                                                           History                                               


FRIDAY         March  2023                                    
9:00 am                                                            Ideal                                                   
10:05 am                                                          Habitual Grace                                 
11:15 am                                                          Laity                                                   
12:50 pm                                                          Actual Grace                                     
3:00 pm                                                            Piety                                                


SATURDAY   March, 2023
8:30 am                                                             Study                                                  
9:45 am                                                            Sacraments I                                     
10:45 am                                                          Sacraments II                                  
1:15 pm                                                            Action                                                
3:00 pm                                                            Obstacles to Grace                          
3:50 pm                                                            Leaders                                            


SUNDAY       March, 2023
8:15 am                                                            Study of the Environment                  
9:20 am                                                            Life in Grace                                     
10:15 am                                                          Christianity in Action                       
11:00 am                                                          Cursillista Beyond Cursillo              
12:45 pm                                                          Total Security                                  


Know Yourself:           
Prodigal Son:       
3 Glances of Christ:         
Figure of Christ: 
Christ Message to the Cursillistas:  



MEALS                 FRIDAY                 SATURDAY                         SUNDAY
Breakfast             7:30 am                7:30 am                             7:30 am
Lunch                   12:00 pm             12:00 pm                            12:00 pm
Dinner                 5:30 pm              6:00 pm                                


SEND PALANCA TO:               

RECEPTION:                              Thursday night, March @ 7:30PM in St. Anne Dining Room
SPONSOR SERVICE:                 Thursday night, March  @ 8PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel
HOLY HOUR:                             Saturday night, March  @ 7PM in Mother of Mercy Chapel
CLOSING CEREMONY:            Sunday afternoon, March  @ 3PM in Sacred Heart Chapel


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