A palanca letter is one that is sent to the candidates and team, informing them of the prayers and sacrifices that you are offering to God on their behalf.  A letter may be sent explaining what type of palanca is being offered, but the letter is NOT the palanca.  The actual palanca is the action – intercessory prayer, sacrifice, or works of mercy, and it can be done without writing a letter.

If you are doing Palanca for someone on a weekend and would like to let them know by sending them a Palanca note by Email click: ==> Palanca Email


On Line 72 Hour Prayer Vigil and Chapel Boards!

Links to sign up for the 72 Hour Prayer Vigil and The Palanca Chapel Visits are located in the information tab for the weekend that you are looking to do Service/Palanca for.  The links associated with the weekend are at the bottom of that weekends page, GO THERE, CLICK THE  LINK  AND SIGN UP.